Emery Oleochemicals’ 175th Anniversary Celebrations Take Off!

Emery Oleochemicals kickstarted its 175th Anniversary with pomp and circumstance, and a grand reveal. September 18 marked the start of a year-long global celebration to commemorate the company’s rich legacy, with the unveiling of the company’s new Renewable and Recycle Polyols Plant expansion at the Cincinnati facility.

Global executives, local employees, regional and state public officials, community representatives and media made up the 500 spectators who were present onsite to witness the momentous event. The USD50 million plant is the world’s first industrial-scale facility to recycle polyols. Being approximately seven times the size of its original prototype, the plant has the capacity to recycle large amounts of used foam – which would otherwise overflow in landfills – into new material that will be used in a wide range of industries.

The bio-polyol plant further benefits the community by creating 30 new high-skilled job opportunities in support of initiatives by JobsOhio, a private non-profit organisation, to create jobs and promote statewide economic development.

Festivities continued the following day with a BBQ bash for Emery employees and their families, who gathered for a day of fun and food galore. There were activities for everyone - the young and old (but still young at heart) had their faces painted, tried their hands at candle-making and petted visiting animals from the Cincinnati Zoo, namely Betsy, the Bull Snake, Sydney, the Blue-Tongued Skink and Rose, the Screaming Hairy Armadillo. Arguably the favourite game of the day took place at the dunking booth. For a dollar and with adept throwing skill, co-workers could dunk other (brave) co-workers into ice-cold water.

Bruce Renner from Candle-Lite demonstrates how the candle press works.

Everyone was fascinated with the venomous visitor. No Emery adult nor child was harmed in the making of this picture, we promise!

Eric Morris, our Instrument & Electrical Maintenance Supervisor, goes SPLASH into freezing water!

A month later and 9,500 miles from Cincinnati, 250 Emery employees from the Telok Panglima Garang (TPG) site got together for a “townhall” gathering on October 19th. Members of the senior management took the opportunity to engage in conversation with the staff before launching the 175th Anniversary with a video of CEO, Ramesh Kana, sharing his enthusiasm on being a part of Emery Oleochemicals and what the future holds for the company.

(from left to right) Sudershan Sivasubramaniam (Operations Director), Shahruny Mohd Akil (Regional Managing Director), Zulkeffly Harun (Regional HR Director) and Jake Sow (Regional Sales Director) answer burning questions from the crowd.

Celebrations in Germany took place soon after. The Emery family in Düsseldorf opted for a quiet and exceedingly cosy affair on October 23rd at the new office on Paul Thomas Street. Regional Managing Director, Joern Ellerbrake, addressed the employees in the intimate setting where thereafter they shared light refreshments and refreshing conversations. Pictures of the Loxstedt plant were gifted to the Dusseldorf team to grace the walls of the new office, as a reminder that there was “family” not too far north, evidenced just two days later when Joern found himself once again addressing employees, but now in Loxstedt, and participating in the sister site’s opening ceremony of its historic gallery. The Loxstedt staff had decided to make the day a welcoming affair by inviting family and friends to the plant for guided tours, offering a rare glimpse into the operations that take place inside the plant. Visitors were treated to a lovely feast and fun children activities that included a big bouncy castle.

Beautiful smiles all around at Dusseldorf.

Images of the Loxstedt site were gifted to the new Dusseldorf office.

For one day only! Get an exclusive glimpse into “behind the scenes” of a chemical factory in Loxstedt.

In conjunction with the anniversary, several splendid commemorative paraphernalia were designed as gifts for employees and friends of Emery Oleochemicals around the world; amongst them are a stylish collar pin, a deliciously scented candle reminiscent of Emery’s past, and most notably, an exclusive, hardcover book, Evolution of a Legacy, outlining the rich history of the company’s 175 years that has led it to becoming the leader in natural-based chemical production that it is today.

Dr Sascha Simon (Global Head New Business Development Green Polymer Additives, LOX) gets helps from a co-worker putting on his pin.

Joern hands out the commemorative gifts to Michael Kuhr (Shift Supervisor, LOX).

The ladies of TPG hold up the Evolution of a Legacy book.

Superb multi-tasker, Jürgen Waldmann (Regional Business Director, GPA, DUS) (far right), sports his new pin, balances the candle on the book in one hand, and holds his drink in the other, while having a chit-chat with colleagues, (from left) Udo Frerichs (Regional QC Lead, LOX), Astrid Wedler (Legal Counsel, DUS) and Petra Menzel (Customer Service Support, DUS).

Next up, Emery Oleochemicals is launching the Share Your Stories campaign and inviting employees to send in their favourite memories of fellow co-workers or of the company. With 175 years of history involving thousands of employees, there will be so much to share and tell, so Share Your Story will be a treasure house of stories that are funny, sad, touching and even inspiring. Who knows what surprises will be unearthed!

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