Our workforce comprises about 1000 employees from across the world who contribute unique ideas and approaches that made Emery Oleochemicals’ the success it is today.

We are committed to taking care of our employees by fostering an atmosphere of openness, cooperation and trust, and in providing a safe and secure workplace. The Emery Oleochemicals’ Core Values reflect the standards by which we treat employees throughout our global operation and define our commitment to embracing all forms of diversity in culture, lifestyle, behaviour, thinking, and heritage. Perhaps none of the Core Values defines our workforce as well as ‘Trust’ does, a value often billed as the hallmark of great workplaces and created through management credibility.

Emery’s focused leadership Approach

Jack Emery’s approach to a more ‘focused leadership’ helped turn around a company that lost sight of its business goals. Following the footsteps of his forefathers, his respect for employees and belief in the importance of a safe and happy workplace was tantamount to Emery Industries’ global success. The degree of pride, and levels of authentic connection and camaraderie employees felt through Jack’s single-mindedness and honesty were likely to have helped see the workforce through a tough economic situation following “Black Tuesday” on October 29, 1929, when the stock market crashed.

Today, our workforce is one of our competitive advantages, positioning Emery Oleochemicals for the next level of success as we expand our specialty chemicals business. Dedicated in our purpose of fostering greater innovation, creativity and shaping a high-performance work culture, our employees define who we are - a united group of unique individuals who embody the Emery spirit of learning, growing and succeeding, in and out of the office.


We help our people grow from good to great. The better they are, the better we become.

After the USD50 million expansion of our Cincinnati plant, 30 new high-skilled jobs in the areas of chemical processing and R&D were created. Our efforts were lauded by JobsOhio, and we won the Cincinnati USA Partnership Growth Award for enhancing the economic quality of our region in 2013.
Emery Oleochemicals was the first private company to participate in the Malaysian Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) to elevate the country to a developed nation status by 2020. We have invested USD118 million in growth projects, which have created 86 high-value jobs and are expected to contribute USD45 million of Gross National Income to the Malaysian economy.
Our growing investments in the area of innovation will see expansions throughout our Technical Development Centres and laboratories, which will translate to the increase of highly-skilled workers in our talent pool.

career development and personal growth

We place great importance on talent management and have established strong policies and procedures on human capital development and planning, recruitment, employees’ retention, performance, rewards,
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organizational development and succession planning. We emphasize on education, remunerations, . employee welfare and organizational development, training and development. This includes leadership advancement initiatives as part of our succession planning strategy
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Milestone service awards

Emery Oleochemicals believes in the recognition of loyal service of employees. Every year, we celebrate employees who reach service anniversary milestones in five-year increments. We have employees who have been with us for as long as 45 years!

Driving economic growth and job creation

During the Great Depression, the real estate company, Thomas Emery’s Sons, provided a much-needed source of income to many workers by continuing construction of the Carew Tower,
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in a time when most other property developments were halted. Providing jobs and raising the economic standards of the communities we operate in matters to us.
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Emery Oleochemicals started as a family business, and we like to think of ourselves today as still one big family.

We believe that there is value in employee engagement beyond the immediate workplace and our business. For us, “community” is an all-encompassing word that includes the families of our employees as much as it does the people who live near our operations.

Annual holiday galas, dinners and festive seasons

Various holidays and festivals are celebrated by our team members around the world and often feature traditional themes.

Family affairs

Coney Island is a small amusement park and waterpark located on the banks of the Ohio River, and has been a fixture of Cincinnati history since 1886.
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Emery Oleochemicals organizes an annual event here for employees and their families to get together and experience all the fun that the park has to offer.
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50th anniversary

On the 50th anniversary of our LOXIOL® brand in 2007, our employees in Germany and their families were treated to a great bash, with food, drinks and fun activities for children.


Our employees’ personal wellbeing is of utmost importance to us that it takes precedence over everything else.

At Emery Oleochemicals, we consider safety, health & environment (SH&E) as our top priority. Each and every plant in our global operation has detailed SH&E policies, strategic tasks and targets based on industry leading benchmarks, such as ISO, OHSAS, and local regulatory requirements.
We are aware of the risks our operations can bring and the responsibilities we have in ensuring a safe workplace. It is a work ethic that has a long track record, starting from pioneering practices in the early1970s, and including Henkel’s “Principles and Objectives of Environmental Protection and Safety” published in 1995. In 1997, SH&E standards were made mandatory and worldwide SH&E audits began.

quality assurance in EMERY

In 1994, both our Cincinnati and Telok Panglima Garang sites achieved the ISO 9002 Certification for “Model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing”. A few years later, the ISO 14001 Certification for our sites would signal the addition of environmental responsibilities. Emery Oleochemicals has in the last seven years received various prestigious awards in environmental management, including the Eagle Award (2011 & 2012, Cincinnati), Biggest Break Through Award (2012 & 2013, Cincinnati) and the TÜV Plant Safety Award (2011, Düsseldorf).

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), on the other hand, are standards to ensure the health and safety of all employees at the workplace, by investing in employee education, training, health and wellness, and establishing plant safety standards. This includes engagement with external authorities – i.e., fire and police departments and other emergency responders.

In Cincinnati, we reached the milestone for one million hours worked with zero lost time accidents in November 2013; in June 2015, we reached two million hours – a first time accomplishment for our North American site. The size of the facility does not in any way determine its outlook on the importance of site safety; Loxstedt, a facility manned by fewer than 100 employees, prides itself on a strong safety track record as well.

Key health and safety metrics for the company in 2013 saw a positive reduction of Total Recordable Injury Rates (TRIR) by 60%.